Oregon Halibut Charters

Our Oregon halibut fishing halibut charters are available during the set seasons , usually in May, and often again in August . We stock spreaders, halibut hooks and herring in our store.  We also have fresh-brewed coffee for that early morning wake-up call.

The Pacific Halibut Boats run out about 30 miles, and are approx. 12 hours in duration.  Fishing in over 600 feet of water for these giant flatfish, often over 100 pounds.


    The Oregon Fish & Wildlife Commission will finalize the 2021 sport halibut seasons on April 23
    Inseason changes can be found on the NMFS Hotline (1-800-662-9825; #5; #1), at https://myodfw.com/pacifichalibut-sport-regulations, & by text/e-mail subscription. Changes from last year are underlined.

    CENTRAL COAST SUBAREA (Cape Falcon to Humbug Mt.)
    Nearshore Season…………………………………………………..Quota = 32,808 lbs.
    Open May 1, seven days a week, inside the 40-fathom line, through the earlier of the quota or
    Oct 31.
    All-Depth Seasons …………………………… Combined Quota = 240,595 lbs.

  • Open Dates Back-Up Dates
    (if quota)
    Spring 172,244
  • May13-15
    Jul15-17 & 29-31
    Summer 68,351 Aug 5-7; every other Thurs, Fri & Sat, until Oct 31 or the quota is caught

    The Stonewall Bank YRCA (about 15 miles west of Newport) is closed to Pacific halibut fishing.
    Anglers on vessels possessing Pacific halibut are prohibited from fishing in the Stonewall Bank
    YRCA, even when targeting legal species
    SOUTHERN OREGON SUBAREA (Humbug Mt. to OR/CA border)
    Open May 1, seven days per week, through the earlier of quota, or Oct 31. Quota = 8,000 lbs.
     It is mandatory to have a descending device onboard the vessel when fishing for Pacific halibut,
    and to use a device when releasing any rockfish species when fishing outside of 30 fathoms.
     Daily bag limit: 1 Pacific halibut. Annual limit: 6. No length limit.
     Pacific halibut possession limit: 1 daily limit at sea, 3 daily limits on land.
     Fathom lines and conservation areas are defined by waypoints.
     Pacific halibut seasons are managed and enforced based on port of landing. Halibut may only be landed
    into ports located within areas currently open to halibut retention, regardless of area of catch.
     During MAY, SEPT, & OCT bottomfish may be combined with all-depth halibut on days open to all-depth halibut.
    Longleader gear fishing cannot be combined with all-depth halibut.
     During JUN, JUL & AUG, only sablefish, Pacific cod & other flatfish species (no other bottomfish species) can be
    combined with all-depth halibut, unless the trip is combined with longleader gear fishing, in which case, longleader
    gear fishing must take place outside of 40 fathoms, and once rockfish are on board, no further halibut fishing is
     When angling for Pacific halibut outside of the 40-fm curve only salmon (as regulations allow), bottomfish as
    regulations above allow, tuna and most other offshore pelagic species may be in possession or landed when Pacific
    halibut are onboard the vessel.
     It is unlawful to fish for or take and retain any species while possessing onboard any species not allowed to be taken
    in that area at the time.
     Anglers are advised to consul

1/2 down required at time of booking for deposit.

Halibut reservations require a 1/2 down deposit at booking.  72 hour cancellation policy for refunds.

2021 Charter Rates

12 HR $225 per person

6-pack Sea Bear  N/A for remainder of 2020 season.

9 hour trip.

Boat rate up to 6 persons (whole boat only)  $1500.

Prices subject to change.

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