Oregon Salmon Fishing

Ocean Salmon fishing is one of the most fun and can be one of most frustrating! Our experienced captains and crew do everything possible to get you in the right spot and you get to reel, fight, and maneuver them to the boat for your chance at one of the most prized fish of the Pacific Northwest.

We run trips for Salmon once the Coho season begins, typically starting in late June and running through mid-August. The 2024 season opening date should be announced by mid-March. This season is the regular season or “Selective” season when anglers can only retain fin-clipped Coho. A secondary “Non-Selective” season is sometimes available at the beginning of September when fin-clipped and wild Coho may be retained.

2023 Charter Rates*

  • Half Day Salmon: $140
  • 10 Hour Salmon/Rockfish Combo: $180
  • Kids 12 and under are 1/2 price.

A Coho salmon is bluish-black with silver sides in saltwater; black spots on the back and upper part of the caudal fin. Smaller and slimmer than the Chinook salmon; the inside of the mouth is gray or black with white gums. Coho salmon reach up to 38.5 inches in length and weigh up to 31 pounds; although they usually weigh between 6 to 12 pounds and often grow larger toward the end of our season in August and September.

*Rates are subject to change

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